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6 - 7 June 2024

Izmir Tepekule Congress and Exhibition Center

E-Proceedings Book and Final Report Published

Our symposium was completed with great success. See you in 2026.

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Sustainable Steel; To Strong Future

We are proud to announce that EFRS'2024 – 9th International Iron and Steel Symposium will host its participants at Izmir Tepekule Convention and Exhibition Center on June 6-7, 2024, with “Sustainable Steel; To Strong Future” motto, to bring the industry and employees together once again, in order to improve social and professional networking and to increase the morale/motivation that we lacked and need so much in these
hard days.

In line with our motto, we would like to discuss and manifest our industrial awareness to understand getting steel into the future, recycling steel and accelerating low carbon production; with respect to the green deal, along with the uncertainties, threats and opportunities, the future position of scrap based steel making facilities in the context of resource supply chain challenges ahead, efficiency of developing green technologies to meet promising targets of integrated steel plants, the dilemma of high quality product requires high quality raw material and the decisive role of policy makers globally. In this context, while trying to understand the philosophy of digitalization, we will question the effects of big data structuring, artificial intelligence and the use of robots in the steel industry. We will try to answer what the energy crisis at the door will force us to do. We will discuss effect of all the aforementioned on overall investment climate.

With this understanding, we wish all managers, engineers, iron and steel manufacturers and researchers to come together to talk about the sustainability of steel, and we also invite all local, foreign and international companies to participate in our symposium by exhibiting their products, services and exemplary applications.

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